Function Medicine - Original

Functional Medicine is a specialized service that I offer

This is a twelve to eighteen month program that will explore a variety of areas in depth in order to address major symptoms by exploring and treating root causes to optimize your health.


Functional Medicine investigates and treats root causes of disease (focusing on hormones, nutrition, toxins, exercise, and other lifestyle changes) which allows me to practice patient centered health care rather than disease centered. By addressing root causes and optimizing health rather than waiting to treat problems, functional medicine seeks to reverse chronic disease as it promotes wellness.


You will be able to access me via phone, text, email or in the office; making efficient use of your time and promoting greater contact with your physician. I will be your advocate and health coach and together we will co-create your health.

We meet initially and go over your history and do a complete head to toe physical. We also go over lab work and come up with your action plan to work on until we follow up again. We follow up month for the first two month and every two months for the rest of the 12 month period. Most of the times these are video conference calls but we look to have office visits at the 4, 8, and 12 month follow ups.


The benefit of this practice and its features is your health. With you being healthy, you then have the time and ability to do the things you want to be doing. Hopefully the practice provides you with greater quantity and quality of life. Optimized health is a great legacy to give your family and one of the best return on investments you will find.

The practice provides a level of involvement that the current healthcare structure does not allow. Instead of using health insurance with me, you pay a monthly fee and have all the services that I as a family medicine doctor can provide (you can use your HSA or FSA).


Watch this video and then contact me so we can set a time up to talk and go over any questions you have and discuss the pricing.

Functional Medicine Video